Focused on Service

Modern VideoFilm has provided post-production and distribution services to the film, television and media content industries for over 33 years.  Our clients include major movie studios, television production studios, multi-national corporations & conglomerates, on-demand streaming video websites, online digital media stores as well as companies in the Ecommerce and interactive entertainment industries.  We operate four facilities in Southern California and an electronic delivery system in Arizona.  We employ over 500 artists, technicians, engineers, producers, client representatives and support personnel.

Modern VideoFilm offers Creative Services, which includes complete end-to-end resources for the production of original motion picture, television and media content, and Content Management – comprehensive solutions for the management, repurposing, distribution and archiving of entertainment content.

Founded on Quality

Modern VideoFilm is an independent company whose continued success is driven by its history of delivering the highest quality.  Our record for stability in management and staff is reflected in our longstanding client relationships.  We have a tradition of leading the charge in the development of new technologies and workflows, and in finding new ways to advance film and the digital arts.

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