Craig Price

DI Editor

craig price
Originally from London, Craig Price began his career as an online editor with the post production facility Vid Com in Auckland, New Zealand. Three years later, he returned to London to join SVC Television, known for its groundbreaking work in commercials. Having done several high profile commercials for the U.S. market he was approached by The Post Group in Hollywood to move to the States. Later, Price went non-linear via Henry at Hollywood Digital. Price’s expertise grew to include a variety of visual effects platforms which he applied to commercial, television, animation and feature film projects.

In 1998, Price joined the animation, design and visual effects facility, Click 3X, as Creative Director. He later co-founded Diesel FX, a boutique provider of design, visual effects and editorial services for a broad range of media including commercials, television and feature films.

Price joined Modern VideoFilm in 2009 as a DI editor on Avatar. Since then, he has served as part of the finishing teams for numerous feature film projects, including Epic, Don Jon, Titanic 3D, The Book of Life and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Price is a multi-talented artist whose cutting-edge skills encompass editorial, visual effects, color grading, graphic design, on-set supervision and Stereo 3D.

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