Creative Services

Since the early days of feature film mastering for home video and television syndication in the early 1980s, through performing the first ever digital transfer of a film for projection (STAR WARS, 1998), Modern VideoFilm has always been at the leading edge of the creative convergence of science, technology and the digital arts.

Resources at Modern VideoFilm are engineered with the best possible technology and operated by distinguished talent.  Our proven track of quality service has made us a trusted partner to much of the entertainment industry.

Modern VideoFilm’s creative services cover all aspects of film and television post-production – editing, dailies processing, 2K and 4K color grading, stereo 3D services, visual effects, DCP packaging and film finishing.  Our facilities contain a fully file-based infrastructure for efficiency, flexibility and a complete end-to-end experience.

Creative Services include:

Digital Intermediate/Color Grading
Feature Finishing
Television Editorial and Color
Visual Effects
Editorial and Production Offices
Client Services


Content Management Services

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