I really enjoyed working in Modern VideoFilm’s big theater, which exactly reproduces the size and feel of a movie theater, and correcting the color on my film at the touch of a trackball. And not only changing color, but hue and black values and contrast, and so on… Working in the data environment… we have performed hundreds of subtle manipulations to the shots without loss or noise being added, and the end result is as crisp and clean as the camera original. And to top it off, we’ve found that what we see on the big screen at Modern VideoFilm translates perfectly to film without requiring scene to scene corrections at the printing stage, even in IMAX. So it has been a slam dunk success of an experience.  – James Cameron

Digital Intermediate is a finishing process which involves digitizing a motion picture with the purpose of manipulating color and all image characteristics before final distribution in theaters.  This requires high-end technology and exemplary creativity.  Each of Modern VideoFilm’s state-of-the-art DI theaters and award-winning craftspeople help filmmakers realize their visions.

We offer the most powerful and creative tools in color correction, 7.1 surround sound, stereoscopic tools for 3D (Real-D Certified) and a pipeline built to handle data-intensive projects, all in theater-style environments.

Recent DI credits include:



rio 2


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